Start of the season

In the middle of April, the sun warms up the Vipava Valley. This is why we decided that April is the ideal time to start our season, which will begin with a kayak trip on the Vipava River. On Saturday, 14 April at 9.00, the first group of kayakers will start their journey on the river. For the opening weekend, we will prepare a special offer. The price for any kayak trip will be only 30 € / person. Join us and make the most out of this special offer on opening weekend.

Clean-up Action

The region around the Vipava Valley is exposed to the well-known Bora winds (Slovene: burja), especially in winter. The Bora can sometimes reach over 150 km/h and the effects of the wind can be seen alongside the river embankments, where various things can get tangled up in the bushes and water plants. The Onnose Adventures team tries to advocate for a cleaner environment, this is why we decided to take part in a clean-up action, organised by the fishermen's organisation RD Vipava.

If you share our vision, you can also become a part of the cleaning expedition.

You can help on land or from water. How can you help from the water you ask? Some areas around the water are harder to clean, because they stretch into the water. This is where we come in. We will help clean the river from inside the kayaks.
Everyone can help, which is why you are invited to join us. The clean-up action offers an ideal opportunity for spending your free time in nature and in great company.